[ANN][P2POOL][CAI]First CaiShen p2pool!

Discussion in 'Mining (Altcoins)' started by sakr, Mar 30, 2014.

  1. sakr

    sakr Sr. Member

    CAI first p2pool

    Please point your miners here:


    and use your CAI address as username

    for example -o http://thepool.pw:2888 -u CLbV9kZZG5...

    you will receive payments directly to your address!

    First block in, payments received, join us now!
  2. sakr

    sakr Sr. Member

    More miners needed!
  3. youvnor

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  4. sakr

    sakr Sr. Member

    More nodes added, this coin is now one of the most profitable scrypt-n coins to mine!
  5. sakr

    sakr Sr. Member

    Here are the network settings I used if you want to connect to the nodes, the full source however still needs some cleaning before releasing to public.

    BOOTSTRAP_ADDRS=‘thepool.pw’.split(' '),