[ActiveMining] Official Shareholder Discussion Thread [Moderated]

Discussion in 'Securities' started by ActM Thread, Feb 12, 2014.

  1. knybe

    knybe Hero Member

    what really chaps my hyde is: the goddamn trolls were right.
  2. kleeck

    kleeck Hero Member

    The amount went from 135 up to 148 and 13 more sold after that bringing us back to 135.
  3. VolanicEruptor

    VolanicEruptor Sr. Member

    what really chaps my hyde is: it took you this long to realize this.
  4. LorenzoMoney

    LorenzoMoney Sr. Member

    Welcome back Volanic!

  5. VolanicEruptor

    VolanicEruptor Sr. Member

    Sup Lorenzo. Finally sold my shares, I'm free. Feels nice.
  6. LorenzoMoney

    LorenzoMoney Sr. Member

    Did you get a price you wanted from the sale of your shares?

  7. Jasun7211

    Jasun7211 Sr. Member

    VE we all know you didn't sell out yet. You have too much of a hard on to let go........plus the vol doesn't support it. Play on playa!!!
  8. arousedrhino

    arousedrhino Sr. Member

    He probably finally scooped up them cheap shares ;)!
  9. JoTheKhan

    JoTheKhan Sr. Member

    Looking forward to an update about this mysterious thing that is more important than the website. =)
  10. drasted

    drasted Sr. Member

    He's already told us what he's been doing.

  11. JoTheKhan

    JoTheKhan Sr. Member

    Ok thank you. I guess I missed that post.
  12. lobbes

    lobbes Sr. Member

    ActiveCycle [100th iteration]:
    • Ken's update - 'We are in a place meeting with some people. We believe we are in a good position to succeed. Will begin working on all the other stuff once I'm not so busy. Expect good things to come in 2014!'
    • Cheerleaders - 'Great update! I think we can still pull this off. We have to keep waiting and stay positive! Good luck Ken!'
    • Outside critique - 'This company is dead. Can't you all see!?'
    • Mods - [Censor censor censor]
    • Skeptical Shareholders - 'This isn't enough information, Ken! This company IS dead!
    • Mods - [Censor censor censor]
    • Skeptical Shareholders - 'Why are all my posts being deleted!?'
    • Mods/Cheerleaders - 'Chill out, guys. Everything will be coooool.'
    • Skeptical Shareholders - 'Okay, I'm still not satisfied, but I guess we'll keep waiting... for now!'
    • Silence and idle banter/speculation
    • Repeat
  13. SoylentCreek

    SoylentCreek Sr. Member

    Has anyone still not received shares to their C-T account? I submitted a request a week ago, and have still not received anything. I also messaged Ken, who appears to be MIA.
  14. lobbes

    lobbes Sr. Member

    For what it is worth, Ken said he would be doing the final transfer of shares 'as soon as he gets set up.'

    Good luck!

  15. JimmyJazz

    JimmyJazz Full Member

    Who ever was buying chips from Hashfast is getting them sent today before the hearing. If that is anything to do with us.
  16. drawingthesun

    drawingthesun Hero Member

    It's a week past the 21st, can we get the dividend paid out please?

  17. kleeck

    kleeck Hero Member

  18. JimmyJazz

    JimmyJazz Full Member

    The recording of the last hearing. They said they had a sale in progress and the bank transfer had been initiated. The judge said they will have until Wednesday morning to send them. They said ok thanks. - Something along the lines.
  19. kleeck

    kleeck Hero Member

    Cool. Thanks!
  20. zumzero

    zumzero Hero Member

    Same as me, I submitted the day before the deadline and have yet to receive the shares to my CT account. I also PM'd Ken and have yet to hear back. Clearly he's occupied with other matters right now, I just hope he is finding the time to respond to the previous Q&A and posts it along with this week's update as I'm in no hurry for my shares given the current valuation.